Ans : PLAY projectors are replacing TV sets in many homes as they deliver a true home theater experience. This is bright enough to work in 1 to 2 tube light condition and can run continuously for 12 hours for over 20 years

Ans : A. Replacement Free – Life long Lamp – LED has life of over 30,000 hours as compared to 3000 to 4000 hrs of normal UHP lamp used in projectors. Meaning that you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows every day for 4 to 5 hrs for up to 20 years without worrying about costly lamp replacement (70% cost of projector).

B. Green Technology – Low Power – LEDs are mercury free and consumes half or less power compare to traditional Lamp projectors.

C. Constant Brightness – The brightness of LED does not decrease with its usages or passing months as there is no filament burning as in lamp projectors who decrease in brightness with every single use. LEDs remain nearly constant for its entire life span, meaning the day it is today it may be similarly bright even after a decade.

D. Low Cost – not only PLAY projectors are half the price of competitive products, the LED lamp if at all needed to be changed is also cheaper than its counterpart and may cost around 5k to 6k only.

E. Eye – Vision friendly – If you have kids at home, it is imperative that you immediately switch to projectors from LCD/LED TV. As LED TV are very harmful for eyes as you are directly looking into the brightest technology i.e. LED. However in case of projectors you are actually looking at only a reflection on wall or on a fabric screen without any radiation or light source.

F. Cool Technology – Instant switch on/off – LEDs are much cooler technology and hence do not require to wait to switch on again while the lamp is still hot. All PLAY projectors are equipped with instant on /off . Meaning that it is THE technology for India , where in power cuts are frequent and in case of a power cut the lamp will not get damaged as in other Lamp projectors in absence of internal fan abruptly switching off due to power cut.

Ans : A. E-Core -Most of the other Projector manufacturers are from western countries having low heat and dust environment and virtually no power cut. However PLAY projector with E-Core technology is fitted with the 3 MOST important thing needed for this country. 1. Cool Technology of LED 2. Dust Proof E-Core Engine & 3. Instant on/off avoiding lamp damage in power cut situations.

B. Connectivity / interface – Undoubtedly PLAY comes with most of the interface ports seen in projectors in this range. You name it and we have it from USB, HDMI, TV, Video, VGA etc. This is because we have designed it to fit both Home and Office unlike others for office use only.

C. Custom Warranty –with warranty centre at your home country you have absolute peace of mind in case it goes wrong. What more you can design your own warranty, yes just choose the tenure you like to have.

D. Screen Size : with Screen size of up to 200 inches(diagonally) or more than 15 feet (depending on models that you choose) why would you still settle for a TV.

E. HD – irrespective of the model that you buy all supports up to HD 1080 input.

F. Pricing -And of course the icing on the cake is it’s PRICING.

Ans : PLAY’s global vision is to be leader in projection technology and deliver the best LED-based projectors at the most affordable price. In many countries PLAY is already price leader in its segment. This is also due to huge volume production on a state-of –the-art assembly line.

Ans : DLP and/or LCOS use 1” or lesser size LCD while PLAY uses 3.5, 5 and 5.8” LCD to deliver true color & motion representation needed for cinema viewing . These other competing technologies were designed for office slide presentations, and so have inherent problem of fast motion image freezing for seconds because of small LCD size/FPS & rainbow effects, however these problem are not there in PLAY projectors due to its large size of LCDs.

Ans : PLAY Projectors provides multiple ports & USB so that you can connect horde of your electronic gadgets from set top box, DVD, Blue ray, game console phone etc and also have the option of using pen drive and/or HDD with your favorite content eliminating the need of a media player or PC. PLAY USB plays almost all media formats. (Please see the list on specification page)

Ans : Yes all digital signals can be input to PLAY projector. Any set-top box having AV Out or HDMI can be connected e.g TATA SKY, DISH TV, AIRTEL, etc .

Ans :You may not require a PC. The wifi model comes with inbuilt CPU, ram, storage, Operating System & Lan/wifi connectivity. So just switch on your internet modem and connect it through wifi / Lan and you are ON net. Use your remote as mouse or connect any external mouse/keyboard if you so desire. The android OS allows you to browse net, chat with friends, open office documents, open mails and download just the way you do with your PC, tablet or smart phone.

Ans :As per the encyclopedia, Lumens is the true unit of brightness. However ANSI stands for American National Standard Institute, which primarily coined the ANSI Lumen’s unit , mostly used by Texas Instrument to measure the brightness of its DLP projectors. Since short lamp life of DLP Lamp projectors are the main producers till recent times this has become the standard for people using this technology.
It may not be correct to measure any single LCD projector specially no DLP in ANSI Lumens as this system was not developed for LCD projectors and cannot provide an accurate & uniform rating of brightness across the screen. It is more accurate to measure PLAY and other LED/LCD projector in pure Lumens, as this is the universal standard for measuring the intensity/brightness of light.

Ans : The contrast ratio is actually not less but sufficient to give great image quality. While we transparently write the absolute contrast ratio, many use dynamic. Our Dynamic may be equivalent or even more in some case.

Ans : We ship our products by air and these will be delivered the next working day in areas having direct flight connectivity from Delhi, else delivery will take 1 -2 extra days.

Ans : All invoices bills generated by PLAY are VAT/CST paid, and you will get a valid bill with TIN number if purchased directly from PLAY.

Ans : There are many sellers online who keep these kind of goods specially electronic item at Hong-kong or China in a 3rd party ware house and ship directly from there , while getting in to India goods pass through custom and the duties are charged and the same is collected by courier company from customer.
Since PLAY projectors are manufactured by us and are kept/stored in INDIA ware house, there are no custom/excise / VAT or CST or even freight that needs to be paid by customer over and above the price that you have already paid at time of purchase or booking. State octroi or entry tax, however are to be borne by customer if levied while entering the state.
Entry Permit : A few states like west Bengal, Bihar, etc .require entry permit. It is for the customers to arrange for such permit s, however we try to get the delivery done as far as possible, but the onus for same in these area lies on the customer who will have to bear any penalty if levied.

Ans : In order to keep costs low for you and deliver the best technical service from trained engineers, PLAY believes in keeping services directly under its nose. PLAY’s service is centralized in Delhi/NCR region. All faulty products are shipped/picked up via courier to this location, the same is rectified and shipped back to customer within 4-5 working days. One way courier charge is born by customer and one.

Ans : Most of our customers ask this question as many sellers are giving higher warranty on projector but do not cover the Lamp. PLAY warranty tenure covers both LED Lamp and the Projector for the same tenure as is your customized warranty certificate. Yes you can customize your warranty at the time of purchase.